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If you didn’t already know, it is rumored that three members of the KarJenner clan are expecting! Kim Kardashian-West is expecting via surrogacy and announced in November that she is expecting a baby girl, due this January! Kylie Jenner is also rumored to be pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby. Jenner, 20, has not yet confirmed her pregnancy, but it is rumored she is due to give birth to a baby girl February of 2018. Khloe Kardashian, 33, is the latest to announce she will be expecting a baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. She will give birth in March or April after announcing her pregnancy on Instagram in December. Since the three of them are pregnant and all live terribly busy lives, we decided to come up with some baby names for them!


In case Khloe or Kylie wanted to stick with a “K” theme, like their mother did. Kayleigh Thompson? Sounds cute to me!

East, West, or South

This one is more specifically for Kim. Since her eldest child is named North, maybe she could go back to a directional theme.


Again, this one is more for Khloe. Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson already has a son named Prince, so why not add a Princess to the family?  


Let’s face it, one of these children (or all of them) will turn out to be divas. Have you seen their mothers?


Kind of like the cousin of Dream. Literally. Get it? (Rob Kardashian’s daughter’s name is Dream)


On a more symbolic note, this name is Armenian meaning “God’s gift”. The first one is the boy’s version, and the second is the girl’s version. This name could be used in homage to Robert Kardashian, Khloe and Kim’s father whom passed away from cancer. He was Armenian and the sisters are vocal about being proud of their heritage.


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