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Jonathan “Bubbles” Bath

This week’s Campus Cutie goes by the name of Jonathan Bath A.K.A Bubbles. A head’s up Lasell ladies, this 5’10” blond haired, blue-eyed gentleman is a senior and will be graduating this year.  He’s apart of the school’s rugby team, who happened to score this weekend in the game against Curry. “Rugby is definitely my favorite thing to do at Lasell. . . I really don’t think about anything else except the game, it kind of clears your head,” Bath said.

Soon he will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and plans to continue on to grad school, more specifically Bridgewater State, after earning his degree from Lasell.  Further into his future he sees himself joining the military, following in the footsteps of some of his family members.  His father, Richard Bath, an associate professor at Lasell College, was part of special operations military intelligence during his youth.  Bath’s older brother Sam is part of the military and has served two deployments to date.  

Just as Bath’s family has a history in military being a part of the Lasell College community also runs in his family.  Alongside Bath’s father being a current Lasell College professor, his older sister, Denise had graduated with a degree in fashion from Lasell in 1994.  “I kind of grew up on this campus a little bit. My sister use to go here and she use to come and visit me at The Barn,” Bath said.  At this point Bath was attending The Barn, a daycare center at Lasell College while his sister attended school there.  

He was born on July 1, 1993, and is 21 years old to date. 

Although his birthday falls during the summer his favorite season happens to be the fall 

“It’s not too hot and it’s just starting to cool down.”  His favorite accessory for the fall time are flannel shirts because he values comfortable clothes.  When asked what his ideal outfit of choice would be he answered simply with a t-shirt and shorts.  Just like his outfit of choice Bath is very easy going.  However, Jon’s bucket list contains items that are anything but relaxing.

Three things that he hopes to do one day are sky diving, climb a mountain, and travel the world to places like Australia and Greece.  

“I really want to travel and just see the world,” Bath said.

Don’t think he’s boring, however.  Jon already has an extravagant list of accomplishments ranging from participating in Tough Mudder to seeing Ireland and England.  

“I love Irish food, it was awesome and I miss it,” he said recalling his trip to Ireland.

 Tough Mudder is a 10 to 12 mile obstacle race that was designed by British Special Forces in order to challenge the toughest of the tough.  He performed in two Tough Mudder Obstacle courses altogether, one located in Vermont and in England.  

Besides living the extravagant life of a Lasell Rugby player Bath holds a lot of other interests including rock climbing and reading.  A unique fact about Jon is that while he knows how to rock climb and ski, he never learned how to ride a bike.  Bath hails from a humble town located in Massachusetts called Brockton, a mere 30 minute ride from campus.

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