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Over the last few weeks a lot of my coworkers had been talking about Jeffrey Epstein and the whole scandal surrounding him. Along with other Hollywood stars that have been caught up in the conspiracy and have been blasted on social media lately. When overhearing their conversations or being among them myself, I had no idea who Epstein was or what the big deal was. As bad as that may sound, I just don’t pay attention or I’m very educated on the News regarding celebrities or in general. 


So eventually I was on Netflix one day and found they recently released a documentary series on Epstein. I was actually very intrigued and thought the set up of the documentary was well done. I definitely recommend watching it to get a lot of insight of what happened as there are a lot of survivors that are interviewed throughout the series and tell their story.


 This documentary was engaging as they switched between people being interviewed or location of topic so it wasn’t long and boring information. It was especially helpful to me as I had no idea who he even was or did and this educated me as to why it’s a big deal. I wish there had been to the series as I believe there is more to know and learn. However, it served as an educational purpose. As well as if you do decide to watch it just know some of the survivors stories are graphic and hard to hear at times and could be triggering. I feel sorrow for all the women who were wrapped up in Epstein’s scheme. I also want them to know that he doesn’t define them and that he’s only a part of their story, not their whole story.

Kaylee Bickford is a Junior at Lasell University studying psychology. She is also a member of Class Committee as the Junior Class Treasurer and CAB. A few fun facts about her are; she absolutely loves sloths, obsessed with her birthday, and Christmas is her favorite holiday. Her instagram can be found at @kaylee_bickford.
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