It's Time to Start De-stressing with Jade Rollers

I'm sure you heard of jade rolling, it’s been all over social media and online platforms. And just now I finally decided to try to jade roll for myself after hearing the buzz for over a year. I bought the traditional jade roller, though they have a variety of crystals include rose quartz and amethyst. I picked up a relatively cheap one from T.J. Maxx. After watching numerous YouTube videos and reading numerous articles, I was ready to finally use my new skincare tool.

After three months of using it daily, I have fallen in love with using my jade roller in the morning. I personally haven’t seen any crazy results but it feels amazing on the skin and is suppose to help reduce signs of aging (preventive care is important). I still have eye bags from my rocky beauty sleep and I haven’t seen a difference with my barely-there eye bag. Jade rollers are not a cure-all tool like media makes it out to be, but has some amazing benefits for your skin.

Jade is the stone traditionally used for a jade roller, but you can use any crystals. However, jade is preferred because of how it can stay cold when it comes into contact with the skin. It is modernly popular to keep your jade roller in a refrigerator to help keep it cool, but it is traditionally used at room temperature. If your choice to buy a crystal that isn’t jade it’s best to stay in the quartz variety because of their durability but know that it may not have the same cooling effect.

The jade roller has been used by the Chinese since the 17th century. They can be used to increase blood flow, which gives the appearance of a bright and blushed face. It can also help depuff the skin through lymphatic drainage. However, jade rollers can not remove fine lines and do not help push the skincare deeper into the skin. The jade roller is a great way to massage your face and can help remove facial tension.

I prefer using a double-ended tool because I like using the small side of the roller fr my nose and under eyes. Before you use your facial roller, you should sanitize it and work with clean skin. Remember in general, no matter where you roll on your face always roll out and up. When you roll start from your next upward. Only go in one direction to help avoid premature wrinkles. You need to use a light hand, it should not hurt your skin or feel a lot of pressure. Jade rollers should be used after you use a moisturizer or oil to help avoid tearing on the skin. Do not use a crystal roller without moisturizing because it can damage your skin.

Jade rollers can be a great tool to add to your routine or any type of face roller. It has amazing benefits, but let’s be real it’s also just a relaxing thing to do.