Introducing Taylor Swift’s New Single: I Knew You Were Trouble When You Crashed Your Car into My House

The front gates of Taylor Swift’s Watch Hill home had a run in with a car on Tuesday, April 2nd, after being in a run in itself. The Connecticut driver from Hartford was named Shykeim Edwin Luis. He was driving a car with two other people in it. They were ages 18 and 16. There was also another person, but he left on foot and was later found by authorities. The car that Luis was driving had no license plates and a police officer, from Hopkinton, was trying to pull him over because of this, and the chase was carried into Westerly. The chase occurred at one a.m. on April second and the car was unable to make it around a curve going approximately 35 miles per hour. It hit the wall that lined her property and then went into the main gate. Later on, reports proved that the car had been stolen. All three people in the car were taken to the hospital after the crash but had no life-threatening injuries. Luis faces many charges, such as reckless driving and taking stolen goods.

Swift only responded to the incident by commenting on the ET Canada post about the situation on Instagram, using quotes from her song, “Getaway Car.”

It is said that the man who crashed into the house was unaware the pop star was the person who owned it. As of right now, it is not known what is going to happen, and the security tapes are being looked into by the police.