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International Women’s Day: Spotlighting My BFF

This year in honor of International’s Women Day and our theme week for Her Campus I am here to tell you about my best friend Kaylie Silva. Although Kaylie and I didn’t grow up together, it feels like we’ve known each other forever. I couldn’t have lucked out any better on a first college roommate and first college friend. We created a bond so well in such a short amount of time and I am grateful for everything we’ve experienced together. 

     Kaylie is hard-working, determined, and passionate in the roles she takes on. She is the Vice President of Financial Affairs in our Student Government Association. Personally, I know that she was nervous to even run for this position, but after putting in the work and effort to successfully win the campaign, she was so proud to see what she could accomplish. This role has helped Kaylie blossom on campus and find something that she is passionate about. Plus, it gives Kaylie the chance to create new, long-lasting friendships and find even more golden opportunities. 

     Kaylie has always also been very selfless, consistently going above and beyond for others. She is very genuine and puts in a lot of her own time helping others. That is one of the things that inspires me the most about Kaylie and motivates me to be a better person. Incredibly, when she isn’t busy with her campus responsibilities she also works at a bank as a teller. Working at the bank is a good opportunity for her to get her foot in the door of what she could be doing in the future with her business degree.

    I know Kaylie can’t wait to be back on campus and to see everyone again when it’s safe to do so. I know she’s also looking forward to the new adventures and opportunities that await her when we return to campus again. I am honored to have a friend like Kaylie and that I got to brag about her in this article. I am also beyond excited to live with her again and see what the school year brings us in the fall!

Kaylee Bickford is a Junior at Lasell University studying psychology. She is also a member of Class Committee as the Junior Class Treasurer and CAB. A few fun facts about her are; she absolutely loves sloths, obsessed with her birthday, and Christmas is her favorite holiday. Her instagram can be found at @kaylee_bickford.
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