I Finally Tried Shea Moisture Skincare: a Review of Shea Moisture Clarifying Face Wash and Scrub

If you know me you know that I love Shea Moisture’s hair products and swear on them for textured hair. Shea Moisture is a cruelty-free, natural, organic line, so it only makes sense I’d run to them for my beauty products. But, I never dared venture into their skincare line because I knew them as a “haircare brand.”

While exploring the ethnic section of the target, I saw that with the rest of the Shea Moisture samples that they had a sample of their clarifying face wash and scrub. I didn’t think much about it but figured that I may as well try a sample size product. It sat in the back of my beauty drawer, until a few weeks ago.

If you like African soap products, then I highly suggest giving this product a try. The products claim to be able to help exfoliate due to the little beads in the wash, cleanse your skin with a soothing formula and help control excess oil. The recipe includes tea tree oil: which is known as an antiseptic product great for acne and African black soap: which is a healing and antibacterial product hailed on the internet. I found it was strange that they include tamarinds, apparently, they use this plant for the exfoliating “beads”. As I mentioned, Shea Moisture does not test on the animals and the packaging claims it was tested on the Tucker family for generations.

 I was hesitant at first that the product would be too drying for my normal to dry skin and to rough for my delicate skin. But this product is perfect and I haven’t seen any harsh reactions. My skin does not tend to be too dry after use and I love that it exfoliates because the product feels amazing on the skin. The texture of the product is amazing, it isn’t rough on the skin at all, make sure to rub in circular motions thought.

Can we also appreciate that there are no chemicals in this product and it still reduced my acne and acne scars? I was not expecting it to treat my skin concerns as good as it did. Recently, I have been breaking out a lot around my nose and between my brows, this was able to help clear my skin up in a matter of days, I also noticed old scarring (from up to two weeks ago) went down significantly. Unlike products that use harsh chemicals, my skin did not peel and it did not get super dry and flaky.  I do make sure to use an oil and lotion after every use though, to keep my skin extra hydrated.