I Don't Use Heat on My Hair and You Probably Shouldn't Either

Have you ever heard of the curly girl method? The curly girl method is a method used to help maintain curly hair. There are a few steps that they suggest for creating beautiful natural curls… and one of them is reducing heat.

In the natural hair movement, many women are beginning to quit using heat on their hair because of the damage that it causes. After reading up on the curly hair method and the story of women transforming their hair by removing hear from the equation, I decided to cut heat out of my hair care routine.

It honestly wasn’t a hard transition because I rarely used heat on my hair, maybe once every month or two. Many women use heat on their hair on a weekly or even daily basis, so the transition can be harder for you depending on your routine. I cut the heat off cold turkey.

Natural hair influencers and hairstylist suggest stopping right away and warn the transition period can be upsetting, but don’t reach for your heat tool. My transition wasn’t a big difference for my hair type. It wasn’t super frizzy and if anything avoiding a hairdryer made my curls more defined with a few 3a curls sprinkled in.  But for some people, it can be a dramatic change to see your hair transition from fried to healthy.

Better curls were by far the biggest reason why I stopped using heat on my hair, I was looking to up the way my curls look. In general, when you blow-dry curls they tend to come out frizzy. There are proper methods to diffuse your hair to reduce the frizz and the damage, but it still doesn’t give the same effect. There are many before and after videos that show hair while using heat and hair after giving it up, with amazing results. It is a great way to reduce damage and help with overall hair changes when switching to different curly girl methods.

Removing heat from my hair care routine also saved a bunch of time because you don’t need to sit in front of a mirror when you airdry your hair. It saves a lot of time and effort you can use on doing other things like doing your homework or you know, watching Netflix.  

To end the article, I wanted to state you can use heat on your hair and still have great curls if you use it sparingly and use heat protectants. No heat is great for your hair, but the best part about having curly is that you can change up your look.