I Didn't Wear Foundation for a Month and Here's What Happened

I used to always wear foundation or at least a BB or CC cream. But one morning while I was putting my foundation on, I noticed my face looked orange. I checked my bottle of foundation and I brought the wrong shade with me to college. I had a huge range of concealers, but the one foundation I brought didn’t match and my bb cream was way to light.

This launched me into a month of foundation detox, after refusing to buy another bottle and my mom repeating forgetting to send me my foundation from home. I am a self-proclaimed beauty addict, despite sticking to very natural-looking makeup. In high school, I would wear foundation every day and during my freshman year of college, I dialed down to bb cream twice a week and found another three days. It was apart of my routine and gave me a sense of order in my otherwise chaotic life, a clean slate.

I know many people prefer not to wear foundation because it clogs their pores and creates more acne. Especially with the draw to natural dewy makeup in the past year, people are either going foundation free or switching to lighter-weight products like BB creams. In my two years of wearing foundation, I can confidently tell you that all my breakouts on my face has been hormonal breakouts, the rare blemish that would show up once a month. I actually noticed more acne after I stopped using foundation, which is probably more of an environmental factor. Either way during this time, my skin tended to have more imperfections and I also noticed the texture wasn’t as even.

I have always had a strong focus on skincare to create an already flawless canvas to do your work on. I do have acne scars and commonly get scaring with my acne. According to my doctor, there isn’t really much I could do about it that I wasn’t already, which is why I like to cover it along with my facial redness. It took a shorter time to remove my makeup and I was able to do a one-step cleansing instead of two. I also tended to not need to use as many hydration sprays or lotion, which makes me think that the foundation may have been affecting my skin’s hydration.

Overall, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin. My skin is alittle less dry and I don’t need to use as many products. But I think that after this accidental experiment, I will go back to wearing foundation or bb cream. To me, it’s worth the extra cleansing and application time.