How to Take Better Photos on Your iPhone

     iPhones actually have great camera quality, and here is how to take advantage of it.

  1. If you are taking a still life photo, like a photo of nature, do not use the live photo setting. Your photos are more likely to come out blurry. Live photos are cool for candids and different things that move. Besides that, I would not use the live photos setting.

  2. Take photos without filters. The iPhone has different filters you can use when taking a photo, however, I have noticed they come out better quality without filters. I recommend using photo editing apps after to edit the photo to black and white or whatever filter you want.  

  3. My favorite free photo editing apps are Snapseed, Photoshop Express, VSCO, Color Effects, LineUpper, and PicMonkey. They all have great preset filters, or have a bunch of tools you can use to edit your photos how you want. UNUM is great app if you are trying to have an Instagram theme. Story Art is a great app for filters for your Insta story.

  4. Try not to zoom in a lot when you are using your camera, photos come out a better quality. Crop the photo after if need be.

  5. Try using a triangular photography prism. They add their own cool rainbow reflection in your photos. You can find six inch ones for $12.99 on Amazon.

  6. Trying using attachable lens on your phone. You can get fisheye lens, wide angle lens, and macro lens to clip on to your iPhone. These costs around $20 for all three.

  7. What you want to be the focus, tap on it so the little yellow square with the sun is around it. Small detail, but makes such a difference, if you are trying to focus on something.

  8. Panoramas are great to use for nature photos.