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How to Survive College Without Mom

Many ladies in college struggle with leaving their mom for the first time. It’s hard to be away from someone you’re so close to, and it may cause you to feel really homesick. There is nothing worse than when you feel stressed out and want a hug from your mom to feel better, but you’re miles away at college. Here are some ways to get through college without having your mom with you for every second.

  1. Try to talk to your mom every other day (I say every other day because you don’t want to annoy her). Call her in between classes or text her when you’re procrastinating on homework. It’s always good to catch up with her and see what’s going on at home, or just to tell her that you got an A on that test you studied hard for. Plus, there is nothing better than when you’re feeling down and you call your mom. Sometimes she can instantly cheer you up. You can always keep in touch now by having a cell phone.

  2. Keep a picture in your room with you and your mom. Do you have that favorite picture of you two at graduation or picking apples together? Print it out and put it in a frame or stick it on your wall. Seeing a picture of the two of you at one of the best times will definitely brighten your day if you’re feeling homesick.

  3. Watch a TV show on Netflix that reminds you of her. If you tend to watch a certain show like One Tree Hill or Law and Order: SVU when you’re with your mom, turn to Netflix and watch a few episodes. It will make you feel at home again.

  4. If your mom makes you cookies or some type of treat at home that you love, make your own or buy some at the grocery store. Sometimes all you need is a chocolate chip cookie to make you happy or remind you of your mom.

  5. Get involved, so you don’t sit in your room all day and think about how you could be at home right now. This has to do more with homesickness, but instead of sitting in your dorm constantly, go out and do something. Hang out with friends, go to a sports game or join a club. Doing this kind of stuff can help you take your mind off of being at home, and in turn it will help you have a much better time at college.


While these tips don’t include having your mom right beside you, these will hopefully help you in going through your four years of college without her. You will be able to get through college without her just by thinking about how proud she’ll be when you have a degree. Besides, if you feel like watching SVU or a phone call truly isn’t enough, there’s no doubt that your mom will let you come home for a few days if you need it. She’s always there for you!

Danie is a 2018 graduate of Lasell College. She served as Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Lasell for two years, and wrote all four years. Danie also worked for Her Campus as a Community Management intern for two semesters, and was a National Feature Writer for six months. Danie studied Communication with concentrations in Journalism and Public Relations. She is currently seeking opportunities in the editorial or music industry. Follow her on all platforms at @raniedoberts and check out her website, raniedoberts.com. 
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