How to Spend Your Winter Break

      Though you may want to spend your entire winter break on a tropical island somewhere without a care in the world, that may not always be conducive.  These tips will lead you through a restful and productive winter break, and a smooth spring semester.


Put Some Cash in Your Pocket

      The main goal for most college students upon returning home is to make that green. But, it doesn’t have to be a drag! Try getting a part time job at a place you actually enjoy, like your favorite store, coffee shop, etc. This way, you enjoy working with the product all day, and you may even get a discount! Just be careful not to spend all that cash right away…

Enjoy Time with Family and Friends

      Though they may drive you crazy, you’ll be thankful that you cherished your time with your family and friends back home upon returning in the spring.  Make some time to hang with the people that mean the most to you, even if it’s just running errands together.

Bonus: try not checking your phone while you are with others. You’ll remain more present, and the people you are with will appreciate your full attention!


Pick Up a New Hobby

      Between working, the holidays, and everything that goes on in your crazy life, you may feel like you have no time this break to work on a hobby. If you can just devote a half hour to your hobby, whether it be reading, exercising, crafting, etc., you’ll gradually build it as a habit, and who knows, you may bring that hobby back to school with you!


Prepare for Next Semester

      You may not want to think about next semester while you’re on break, but you’ll thank yourself later if you can get all your ducks in a row. To make for a smooth transition in the spring, start researching your textbooks and preparing your schedule now.

Bonus: take this time to accomplish little things: update your resume, get some new dorm decor, or begin internship research.  Though they may seem menial, you’ll be glad you did them now rather than later!


Catch Up on Some Much Needed R&R

      Make sure you don’t forget the true meaning of break...REST! Though you may not get to sleep in everyday, try to recover from the stresses of fall semester whenever you get the chance. Try at least once a week to have a self-care night: take a long bath/shower, face mask, and get to sleep early.

      Following these tips will have you returning in the spring ready to conquer anything. Use your time off to do what’s important to you both now and in the future, this will keep your spring stressors at bay. With all that being said, enjoy your break!