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     At this point in the semester, many find themselves unexcited about the space they are living in. Being uninspired in your living space can lead to a lack of motivation and lowered happiness. Freshening up your dorm can give you a new outlook on life, and will get you excited about living away from home rather than dreading it.

Cleaning & Purging

     Before you can bring new life to your room, you have to get rid of whatever is holding you back. Whether it’s old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, snacks that have expired, or room decor you are sick of looking at, getting that unwanted energy out of your space will make you feel better. Physically cleaning your space will serve as a healthy foundation to redecorate, and will serve you well during flu season!

Move Furniture Around

     If possible, try moving your furniture around. Rearranging the classic bed, desk, and dresser combo can surprisingly make the space feel different. Make sure you check with your roommate(s) before doing so!Change Out Your Comforter

     Try swapping out your old comforter for a new one, or just one from home. This will change the space and can give a much needed change of vibe. Some comforters are reversible, so see if you can just flip your current one! Adding new throw blankets/pillows can change up the look as well, without being as drastic as a comforter change.

New Lighting

     Switching up your lighting can change the feeling in your room. Try using string lights instead of a lamp, or use a lamp instead of the overhead light. Even changing how the current lights are positioned can update the space. Decorative fairy lights can brighten the room and make it feel more cozy, perfect for making your home away from home feel more comfortable.

Adding Posters

     Change the wall art in your dorm! You don’t have to invest in expensive posters, cool prints can easily be found online and put them in a cheap frame. Switching out pictures/posters will give you something new to look at, and keeping them relevant with your current interests will put a smile on your face.


Victoria is a sophomore studying Fashion and Retail Merchandising at Lasell College. She loves watching TV, travelling around Boston, and most of all, Jennifer Lopez.
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