How to Recover from the Semester

As this semester comes to an end, you can finally start to emerge from underneath the workload you were buried in. You might feel like you’re holding on by a thread as you look down at the collection of scattered notes and same leggings you’ve worn for the last three days. You stayed awake purely due to the caffeine you abused. Worry not, because you have made it through and you can now focus on recovering. Here are some of the best ways to get back to being you after the semester ends.

1.    Have a spa day. Looking in the mirror, you might realize you are in serious need of a facial, a manicure, and massage. Treat yourself to some much needed relaxing time. Even if your bank account needs a little break after the semester, at-home spa days are just as great.

2.    Take a Yoga Class. This is a great way to recover your mental health after a draining semester to help calm all of those memorized formulas and presentation notes that haunt your thoughts. A lot of local YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs offer classes for free. www.

3.    Have a girls night. Whether it’s with your girls from school who have been as equally stressed out, or with your friends from home who miss you like crazy, time with friends can be the best release.

4.    Hang out with your parents. If you are anything like me, your homesickness has been through the roof since Thanksgiving. Spend time with your parents, because after being away from home so long and taking care of yourself, it’s nice to be taken care of again.

5.    Clean everything. After a long semester, you might have neglected those dishes or that laundry for a little longer than your mother would approve. Going home is a great time to fix this problem with actual working appliances.

6.    Watch a “Cry Your Eyes Out” sad movie. This one might sound a little strange. For all the times you have almost broken down because your professor gave you a B instead of an A on a project you spent 12 hours doing, or you found out the guy you crushed on all semester has a girlfriend, this is the time for you to let it out and ugly cry.

7.    Get totally lost in an art project. Whether it’s just figuring out how to make the perfect highlight/contour combo or painting, a non school-related project can be great for centering your mind.