How To Maximize Space in a College Closet

College is great. The tiny closets that come with living in a dorm though-- Not so much. Storing all your clothes in the small spaces can be tricky, especially if you’re a shopping addict (like myself). Plus with the weather in that strange in-between phase, your closet is probably overflowing with both winter and spring pieces, making it that much harder to put it all away.

In a traditional Lasell dorm room you get:

  • A wardrobe (some with three built in drawers)

  • A dresser (if your wardrobe doesn't have any drawers)

  • A desk

For the everyday fashionista, that’s not much storage compared to what you’re used to at home! Here are 8 ways you can maximize your space.

  1. Utilize the space under your bed - Buy under-the-bed bins that stack to store your t-shirts, PJ’s, towels, sweatshirts, etc. Anything that doesn’t need to be in your closet! A small shoe rack is also a great investment for under your bed.

  2. Place items in drawers vertically - Not only does this save space so you can fit more, it also makes it so that you can see everything instead of digging through piles.

  3. Use hanging shelves in your wardrobe - These are great for your shirts, sweaters, winter accessories, and jeans. Really anything that doesn’t need to be hung!

  4. Hang your belts and scarves on one hanger - Pro-tip: shower curtain rings on the bar of a hanger makes storing your scarves so much easier, and you can hang your belts by the buckle on the top of the hanger.

  5. Use Command hooks on the inside of your wardrobes doors - Hang thin jackets, purses, scarves, towels, etc.

  6. Buy thin hangers - Because bulky hangers take up more space!

  7. Use an over the door hook - Hang more jackets, bags, and towels

  8. Clean it out - Spring cleaning is quickly approaching. Cleaning out your wardrobe can be incredibly therapeutic and it gives you way more space. Get rid of those pieces you say you’ll wear one day but never do, and donate them.

  9. Image Credits: 1, 3, 5: Paris Adams, 2, 4 , 5: Polyvore; Paris Adams