How to Incorporate Pantone's Hottest 2020 Color of the Year into Your Wedding

Every year, Pantone releases a color of the year, which many brides and event planners use as a base to create a perfect event. This year, they have picked a somewhat basic color, Classic Blue. The use of Classic Blue in the event industry will run rampant this year, and here are some of the ways couples will incorporate this color into their big day.

1. Color Theme

It is very likely we will be seeing the color palette for many events including this color, as well as other blues or even pinks to offset it. 

2. Bridesmaid Dresses/Groomsmen Suits

The couple's best friends will be seen in this shade, shown through various styles and patterns of their outfits. 

3. Bridal Accents

It is possible to see the bride use this color in her outfit as well, which can include the color of her shoes, a sash around the waist for a pop of color, jewelry, or flowers in her hair. 

4. Bouquets 

We may see a large variety of different flower bouquets using this color because there is a variety of flowers that can come in this color. We could also see bows wrapped around the bouquets in this color as well. 

5. Decor 

If a couple is incorporating this color into other parts of their big day, it is expected that they will have their decor follow the same idea. Expect to see many different designs for both receptions and ceremonies used at weddings. 

This color is a classic but can be used so broadly over the course of the big day that it can be magical for everyone who experiences it.