How to Host a Halloween Delivery Event HC Lasell Style

On October 30, HerCampus Lasell held a Halloween delivery fundraiser where we delivered Halloween snacks and candy to students across campus. It was a successful fundraiser and we raised over $300. The event was fun and successful, and allowed us to bond as a chapter. It was an event we will always remember, and here is how we did it…

1. Choose things to sell and a price that students will ACTUALLY be interested in

We chose a variety of snacks that will appeal to the students, just simple snacks such as Skinny Pop, Oreos, and our crowd favorite, Cosmic Brownies. We chose an assorted variety of candy as well. When coming up with price points, we created different customizable packages that students could choose from, each package being a different price point. We also accepted both cash and Venmo, which made it easier for students to purchase items.

2. Advertise to Parents

Parents love to send things to their children. With this fundraiser, they were able to send their kids treats without worrying about picking up snacks and getting them in the mail. We posted the flyer on the parent FaceBook page and they immediately started texting orders in to us. They also paid using Venmo, so we received their payment right away. Parents were able to write messages to their kids as well, and many bought snacks for not only their kids, but for their roommates as well. 

3. Create Forms and Spreadsheets

We had to make order forms for students to fill out while we were tabling and we also used them for the parent orders to keep track of what we needed. Another important thing was making spreadsheets. We made them for which building we were delivering to, how many orders of each snack we had, allergy options, and our club tabling schedule. This helped us be more organized and helped make the event better. 

4. Gather your supplies 

The day of the event, President Emalee and Event Director Anna headed to BJ’s and got all of our supplies. Before we went, we researched how much of each snack we would need to get and the price, so it would be easy to get everything. Along with the snacks, we got Zip-loc bags for each package. 

5. Make the bags and deliver!

Once we got back to campus, we made the bags and had members of our chapter delivering them across campus to various students. One person made the bags, one person made the bags of candy, one wrote the messages for the bags, and we had about three members delivering the bags once they were done. It made the process easy and efficient. 


This fundraiser was a great way for the club to have fun, raise some money, and make some long-lasting memories.