How to Have Creative Influencer-Like Instagram Stories in These Simple Steps

Been looking to up your insta story game? Envy of all the creative ones you have seen? You came to the right place! Here are our tips for that influencer like Instagram story!

1. Over App

Most of these tips will not require another app to use, but this one does. When reposting an infeed post to your story and you want a creative background and not just the colors that Instagram gives you, use this app. Over lets, you mask any photo on to another one and then just save it to your camera roll and paste! 

2. Coloring Your Background

Use the pen tool to pick colors in the in-feed post and can make a whole background that color. You can also choose any color with the pen and hold down on the background to make the background that whole color.


    This one is pretty simple, just search gifs in the story tools to make your story stand out more.

4. Snapchat Filters

This one requires another app as well, but I am sure you all have it, Snapchat. Browse the many filters of Snapchat, save to your camera roll and paste in your story! 

5. How to Put More Than One Photo in a Story

You can put multiple pics from your camera roll on one post by copying and pasting one after the other as a “sticker.” 

6. Accent Your Photos With the Pen Tool

This one is also pretty simple but makes your stories pop.    Use the pen to make dots and lines to accent your photos and make certain parts pop.This is a great tool to highlight an outfit, food, animal, anything you want to make stand out from the background of the photo.