How to Celebrate Summer (As Told by Camp Rock)

Congratulations, collegiates! You’ve reached the end of the semester, you’ve pulled through your final exams and papers, and you’re finally free. It’s time to enjoy your summer break. What are you going to do to celebrate?

Jump for joy! You made it!

It's time to move out of your dorm and head home, which means saying no to the friends who still need homework help.

When you get home, you can immediately hang out with your friends you haven’t seen all year!

Catch up with all the gossip that’s been happening in your hometown.

Another great way to celebrate is by taking a nice, long, nap…


Get back to the hobby you had to abandon during the school year, like reading or drawing.


Enjoy your family’s wonderful home cooking, and be thankful you’re off dining hall food for the next three months.


Go outside and bask in the warm weather.


Find a cute boy to hang out with this summer.


No, really. Meet that special someone!



Okay, I guess find a job too….


Enjoy your summer, collegiates, you earned it! Make the best of it.