Hot off the Racks: Taco Bell x Forever21

Forever 21 is known for it’s unusual clothing, but their latest collection takes the cake... or should I say taco? Earlier this month it was announced that the clothing store and fast food giant would be teaming up for a line of apparel and accessories. The collection, released on Oct. 11 includes clothing for women (featuring plus sizes!), men and little girls.

The women’s collection features two cropped hoodies sporting the iconic bell logo; two t-shirts, one with “Too Much Sauce” printed across the front and another with a colorful taco print; three bodysuits, two of which resemble their famous hot and fire sauce packets and the third features some 90s style Taco Bell graphics; and last but certainly not least a metallic purple jacket with the restaurant logo going down the sleeves.

The plus-size collection includes the two sauce packet bodysuits and the “Too Much Sauce” tee but also includes another shirt with the mild, hot and fire sauce packets and “My Mood Today” printed on the front. This shirt is also found in the little girls’ collection. Along with the hot sauce shirt, the children's collection consist of a printed pullover sweater,  a printed t-shirt and a pink, tie-dyed logo sweatshirt. The men’s collection is the smallest of the four and features three sweatshirts, a pink pullover with Taco Bell themed patches, an all-over logo printed hoodie and a windbreaker. For those who want something less dramatic, the collection also includes a taco and hot sauce printed phone case that fits iPhones 6/6s/7 and 6+/7+.  

It’s safe to say whoever came up with this marketing campaign is a genius. Both Forever 21 and Taco Bell have cult-like millennial followings and massive social media presences, which isn’t hard to believe because some of the pieces sold out almost instantly. Check out what’s left of the collection at and buy it before it disappears faster than the Beefy Crunch Burrito!  

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