Hot or Not: ColourPop Cosmetics

If you’re a makeup lover who loves great quality for a great price, ColourPop Cosmetics is for you. ColourPop Cosmetics is a new, up-and-coming makeup brand with great quality products. Their products are known for being very pigmented and cheap.

ColourPop Cosmetics sells lipsticks, lip pencils, eyeshadows, blush, and highlighters. The lipsticks come in all different kinds of finishes, even having the very popular trend of liquid lipsticks. The company also sells what they call “collections,” which is a bundle set. All bundles contain different shades that are not sold as singles. Bundles either contain only eyeshadows, blushes, or lipsticks, but a few more recent sets are coming out with a mix of any of the above. With lipsticks and eyeshadows at merely five dollars a piece and cheek products at eight, where can this product go wrong?

I received my first purchase in the mail the other week. I purchased the Forever Freshman Collection, an additional eyeshadow, and two lipsticks. Besides a lipstick, everything else is from their new fall collection inspired by the 1990s. The Forever Freshman collection is a collection of six unique colors for fall. The colors are called Crimper, As If, Melrose, Koosh, 90210, and Baby T. Best described by ColourPop’s website, Crimper is a soft gold with gold glitter in a metallic finis. As If is a mid-tone cool taupe with a matte finish. Melrose is a true rust matte finish. Koosh is an icy silver-taupe with an ultra-metallic finish. 90210 is a greyed out taupe with pink and gold glitter with a satin luxe finish. Baby T is a deep blackened blue color. The additional shadow I purchased is Supermodel, a soft white gold shadow with a pearlized finish. The two lipsticks I own are called Poison, a matte deep brown red (perfect for fall might I add), and Frida, a warm mid-tone nude pink with a satin finish.




                                         Top: Frida, Poison     Bottom: Supermodel, Koosh, Crimper, As If, Melrose, 90210, Baby T

My favorite eyeshadows from my purchase would have to be Koosh, As If, and Melrose. Melrose is the perfect fall shade, often described as “pumpkin spice in an eyeshadow”. Lipsticks are comfortable to wear and Poison (the matte lipstick) is non-drying on the lips. I could wear these lipsticks all day.

This company’s formula is very unique, too. The products feel creamy and cushiony at first touch, but it is a powder when applied. People find the texture of this product hard to describe without confusing others. The eyeshadows and cheek products come in a jar you screw shut. They warn you to make sure the products are closed tightly so the product does not dry out. If the products dry out, they would not have the same quality they are known for. The products are always true to color and very pigmented. Just one swipe of any of the lipsticks- even the ones marketed as “sheer”- and you’re good to go!

The only problem I do have with this company is that they are strictly an online company. Being online, it is hard for customers to test out a product or see how a product would look on them. Some customers shy away from the brand simply because they do not want to buy a product because they do not know how it looks on themselves. There is also a lot of liability that comes with buying something online, like the package getting lost, that customers do not want to have to deal with.

Another problem is that the product works best either by using either a finger or synthetic brush. Because of the products different texture, it is harder to pick up the product and use it. The product comes with a card explaining the best types of brushes to use, which is helpful, but a person on a budget might not have the money to buy brushes to use these products to their full potential.

Overall, this company is brilliant. With great quality at a great price point, I would seriously recommend this to a fellow beauty lover and a person looking for new, cheap products. Just look for yourself, you get five dollars off your first order!