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The At Home Summer Glow Just Got SO Much Easier- Here’s How

We get it, summer can get busy.  Whether you’re out chasing that summer internship or just working your summer job at your home time, spending time outside isn’t always your main concern.  When life gets hectic, self-tan is the perfect solution to still get that bronzed sun-kissed look without even having to leave the house. Plus, it’s super easy thanks to Bondi Sands!

Bondi Sands is the number 1 self- tanning brand in AUS, NZ and the UK and is super affordable with its vast, diverse, and reasonably priced product range.  This award-winning salon quality formula product is actually made in Australia, but don’t fret, it’s available at your local Walgreens!



Bondi Sands has multiple shades of the tanning foam, light/medium, dark, and ultra dark making them super inclusive to not only all skin and hair colors, but also all body shapes, professions, and lifestyles, which we love!  All of the tanning foams are lightweight and super easy to apply with the product application mitt giving you a super hydrating streak-free tan.  Applying it is super fun with its fresh coconut scent making it feel like you’ve just been whisked away to a tropical island, without even having to leave your house.  



The literal best part of Bondi Sands is the World’s First Instant Tan Remover, the Tan Eraser.  This product is perfect when you either mess up, or just want the tan for a day or two. It’s super easy to apply and use and there’s no harmful ingredients or excessive exfoliation.  It also contains soothing Aloe Vera and moisturizes and leaves the skin silky smooth!

Overall, we love the Bondi Sands products and there are going to be our new go-to for a bronzed golden look.  Spending hours outside developing this kind of look can be so time consuming and extremely harmful to the skin, but with Bondi Sands, it’s SO much easier, safer, and leaves your skin feeling better than ever.

*All photos from Her Campus Lasell

Madison Paloski is a senior at Lasell University studying fashion communication and promotion and graphic design.  She is currently the Editor in Chief of her school's chapter of Her Campus, an editorial stylist for POLISHED Magazine and Founder and Creative Director of the Fashion Styling and Photography Club on her campus.  She can most likely be found with an old film camera in hand, eating Chipotle, or at any local Saver's.  Her Instagram can be found at @maddiiiooyx and other work can be found at madisonpaloski.wixsite.com/portfolio.
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