Her Campus Teams Up with Vagina Monologues this Weekend in a Must See Show!

Don’t have plans this Friday Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. or this Saturday Feb. 23 at 2p.m.? Come see the Vagina Monologues!

The show, put on by Peer Health Education, is co- directed by Codie Treszi and Molly Parrott.  The directors this year really want to stress that this show is not just for or about cisgender women.  It's about all aspects of womanhood including gender expression, societal pressures and gender roles, being shamed and finding how to embrace your sexuality and gender presentation, and yes - vaginas.

Looking at the term vagina, this show is not just the anatomy, but instead the symbol of gender and sexuality and really the soul of person. The directors hope that the show represents cis women, trans women, non binary people, genderqueer people, trans men that have female associated anatomy, and everyone that can relate to an aspect or topic in the show. For those that felt nothing in the show reflects on them, the cast urges you to learn. Learn what others experience, absorb it, and know that someone in your life has experienced it. Reflect on how you are helping in the change of the problems in our society and how, because we all do, perpetuate them.

Her Campus Lasell loves supporting women, and some of our members are ready to break out into the limelight and talk about just how important and relevant these issues are.

Meet some of our members, who also happen to be in this year’s production, below:

Elizabeth Chapman- President

Monologue: I Was There in the Room

"I am chasing to be in Vagina Monologues because I think that it is an important conversation that needs to be had and I truly believe that it is very empowering to woman to not hide their feelings about their bodies whether they be sexual or not. I also feel like we touch on some other challenging issues in society today such as sexual assault, transgender violence, and rights to your own body; and in my opinion it's about damn time someone did."


Madison Paloski- Editor in Chief

Monologue: The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy

“This show means a lot to me because every year it exposes me to a community of womxn on this campus who have gone through the same experiences and hardships as me and together we get to bring light to these situations to an audience who's willing to listen to us.  It’s so empowering.”

Raegan Cleary- Social Media Director, Treasurer, Copy Editor

Monologue: My Short Skirt and The Vagina Workshop

“I think Vagina Monologues is a great tool to get others peoples voices out there and expose a community to voices they might not have necessarily heard before.  The show is not like a talk back or a Q and A, we’re asking people to listen and support, which is something that isn’t as common as it should be today.”

The show is $5 at the door and all proceeds go towards the V- Day Foundation and REACH Beyond Domestic Violence.

Don’t forget!  Her Campus Lasell will be doing a drive before the show both days collecting period products (tampons, pads, etc.) to be donated to a local women's shelter.  Please bring what you can!

*Photos by Kelsey Jones