HC Lasell's Guide on How to Slay Your Makeup Without Having to Worry About Your Glasses

I wear glasses every day, so I’ve picked up a few tips on wearing makeup with glasses. Unlike most people, I don’t have contacts or multiple pairs of glasses, so I had to make my makeup work with the same pair of glasses. If you wear glasses too, and can’t seem to find a makeup look to flatter your lenses, these tips will help.


  • Use a lot of setting powder:

As someone who hates when their foundation and concealer wears away around my nose. I can tell you that powder is my hero. After I do my makeup, I add a setting powder on top of my makeup, instead of spraying my face with setting spray. I find when I use setting spray that even after it has time to set, it leaves lines on my face when I wear heavy makeup and causes the makeup to come off on my glasses. I would wait a few minutes after the setting powder to put my glasses on, to give it time to set.

  • Sculpt your face to fit your glasses:

If you use bronzer, blush, contour, or a highlighter, it is key you know how your glasses sit on your face. When I use my bronzer or contour, I actually keep my glasses on my face so I can get an idea where it should go to compliment my face in glasses. Once I’ve used it as an outline, I remove my glasses and fill in the spots covered in my glasses. Then add blush or highlighter as desired. The key to adding highlighter or any shimmer on the face is to put it right above where you put your contour so that it will be visible and so your glasses won’t fully cover it.

  • Skip the lashes and find your perfect mascara:

I’ve worn eyelashes with my glasses before and it was the worse experience of my life. My false eyelashes kept touching my glasses and it was getting annoying. When wearing glasses, ignore the eyelashes and find a good mascara. It may take a while, but try to find one that lifts your eyelashes and makes it thicker, it’ll make your lashes stand out without sacrificing comfort and visibility.

  • Less eye makeup is more:

I hate to give the bad news, but you can't really see your fancy eye makeup behind your glasses. Skip the bold colors and metallics because, in my opinion, they often appear muddy behind the glasses. Feel free to ignore my tips if you disagree, but I usually keep it to the basics with one lighter shade on the lid to brighten the eyelid and a darker shade in the crease to give your eyeshadow more depth. If you choose to do eyeliner, avoid going bold and long.  Instead create a thin to medium line and create a wing that doesn’t expand further than your glasses.