Harry Styles Announces First Solo Album

Recently Harry Styles released his debut single as a solo artist. Titled “Sign of the Times,” this power ballad has been helping us fill the void left by the One Direction hiatus. A few days later, the announcement we’ve all been waiting for finally came out. His debut album is on the way, and sooner than we think! Styles posted the album artwork and tracklist on Instagram. He included the caption “HARRY.STYLES//12.MAY.17//, which appears to be the album title and release date.

To celebrate, Styles made an appearance on Saturday Night Live on April 15. He performed “Sign of the Times” along with a new song, “Ever Since New York.” The latter keeps the same soulful quality as “Sign of the Times,” but is also more relaxed. “Ever Since New York” also features Styles on the guitar.

Not only did he sing, but Styles was also featured in a few skits. The first of which was “Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition,” where stars from 1977 competed against stars from 2017. Styles impersonated his doppleganger Mick Jagger and even poked fun at himself. When “Steve Harvey” (Kenan Thompson) talks about Jagger’s solo work, he replies, “why would anyone in a successful band want to go solo?”

In the other skit, Styles plays a captured Confederate soldier at a Union camp. The Union soldiers attempt to sing to boost morale. One soldier jumps in, adding a fat, catchy, boyband-esque hook, then Styles butts in, adding a bridge. This results in all the soldiers coming together to sing the nation’s first big, fat hook, complete with coordinating choreography.

Harry Styles has made April his month. Not only did he prove that he can have a mature solo career, but he also showed the world his acting and comedy skills. We can’t wait to see what’s next.