The Guy's Guide for Gifting

Hello, boys. The Holiday season is fast approaching and while everyone around you is excited, you’re stressing about what to get your girlfriends and you’ll wait until the last possible minute to pick something out, right? We get it, finding the perfect gift for a special person can be difficult and downright unenjoyable if you hate shopping but have no fear! We’re going to help you through this. It’s simpler than it seems, and with the internet at your fingertips you’ll never even have to step into a mall- although, you should know that most stores will gift wrap it for you for free if you ask! Now let’s discuss options.


Jewelry is always a go-to option for girlfriends or wives but the trick here is to keep it simple. Unless you really have a grasp on her personal style and know what she does and doesn’t like, it’s best to go with the basics, if she doesn’t already have them (hint: Start paying attention to the things she wears and look through her jewelry to make sure you don’t get something too similar.) For example, pearl earrings or a Michael Kors watch are great options. If you can’t afford nice jewelry like this, no problem. Steer clear of any super inexpensive or fake jewelry and opt for something less- I promise you it is the thought that counts.



Small but practical accessories, like a wallet in her favorite color, are also good gifts. Lotions or other spa products are shoe-ins as accompanying gifts. Head online to The Body Shop and discover tons of great gift bundles of lotions, scrubs, and shower gels or a set of nail polishes from Sephora. Stay away from perfumes as women generally like to choose those ourselves. Additionally, every girl loves a scarf, and the holidays are the perfect time to give her one. When in doubt, a gift card for a manicure or a massage is super thoughtful and luxurious. Check out Groupon to find the best deals nearby!



I recommend giving your significant other one stand-out gift from the options above (or more, if your budget allows!) and pairing it with small things like chocolate bars, fuzzy socks, and other stocking stuffer-esque items.


Remember that presentation is key so it’s time to step up your wrapping skills. It makes a difference in the way we perceive your gifts and it shows you put a lot more effort in. Buy nice wrapping paper and watch some tutorials or have a friend who’s good at wrapping do it for you. Another important thing is to utilize sites and apps like Retail Me Not and sign up for email lists to get discounts on your purchases (you can always unsubscribe- it’s worth the extra 20% off.)



Use these ideas as inspiration and don’t hesitate to travel into places like TJ Maxx to find great things at great prices. Lastly, if you know the ladies in your life love a specific brand or store, go on their website and they probably have a specific gift guide you can go off of. Now try to have fun!