Great Sexpectations: 3 Sustainable Lingerie Brands You Need in Your Life

In honor of Earth Day, Her Campus Lasell is committed to living sustainably not just for the one day, but every day (because the Earth is literally dying).  Where do you even begin?  This week we will be breaking down how to live sustainably in every aspect of life--  style, beauty, college life, and yes even in your relationships. So sit back, relax, and get ready to make the switch to eco-friendly. 

It's the dirty little secret that everyone is doing but no one is talking about. Yes, you guessed it. SEX! Isn't it about time we spread the word?

Introducing Great Sexpectations, your go-to source for on loving yourself, feeling sexy, maintaining healthy relationships, handling one night stands, feelings and so much more!

This week’s beat will be in honor of those lingerie brands who work harder than most every day to be able to not only create lingerie that is beautiful but that keeps our earth beautiful as well. Here are Lingerie brands that you should know about and consider shopping from next time you buy a sexy set.

Uye Surana

Right out of the gate I want to start with my personal favorite on this list. Uye Surana is an amazing sustainable brand where each piece is handmade to prevent overproduction, which can be extremely wasteful. Designer Monica Wesley also partners with a recycling team to make sure even her scraps don’t go to waste. “Uye Surana lingerie embodies a mindful approach to design, from concept to construction. We pride ourselves on our status as an ethical lingerie brand, but the work never stops to reduce our carbon footprint.”


Hara is a brand that is completely based out of Melbourne, Australia, this means that all pieces are dyed, cut, sewn, packaged and shipped from Melbourne. “By manufacturing ourselves and owning our supply chain we are able to: Reduce shipping miles which helps alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce air pollution and cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, create in house recycling systems, and have full transparency in the whole supply chain.”


To begin on Pact’s amazing brand culture they are currently having a sale to celebrate earth day they are offering 30% off everything sitewide and at Wholefoods. Pact’s main priorities are creating products that make the customer feel happy when wearing them as well as buying them. They are committed to helping the earth and reducing their footprint.“We promise to not be gross. Toxic dyes, pesticides, and bad attitudes have no place in your clothes.” They also only use organic cotton as it’s better for the earth.