Great Professors of Lasell: Aaron Toffler

Professor Aaron Toffler has gone above and beyond for what it means to teach, especially at Lasell College. He is someone who not only pushes his students to improve themselves inside the classroom, but in the real world as well. As the head of the environmental department, Toffler works hard to give a reality check to those unaware of the effects of climate change and how it affects all of us.

He co-runs the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Ecuador trip which brings students abroad to better understand rural Ecuadorian culture. This learning experience helps pass on positive views on how and why the Earth needs to be respected.

As an environmental lawyer with a strong love for his family, Toffler’s passion and determination inspires any who take his classes. Whether it’s making them aware of Climate Marches or bringing up close to home issues like divestment to get students aware of how they can change the world, students see Toffler as a beacon for positive environmental change.

If there is anything that can be taken away from his teaching, it is that there can be no change without the action to create that change. And it is only with the yearning for knowledge that true action can be inspired.

The environment is a place all of us rely on. Whether we choose to accept it or not. Professor Toffler doesn’t just spout the facts about why it’s important. He get’s his students to care.

And for that, Professor Toffler, we thank you immensely.