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Get Ready to Say ‘I Do’ With the Top Wedding Trends of 2019

As an event management major, and one who specifically wants to focus on weddings, it is very important to keep updated on the latest trends. There are many different jobs and internships in this industry both in the summer and during the school year, so you always have to have an idea of what’s going on in case you get a job assisting with weddings. People hiring for jobs like to hire students who know their stuff and knowing the yearly trends can help you be prepared for these situations. Here are some of the trends to know about in the industry for 2019. 

1. The Color Coral 

Pantone has named Coral the color of the year, so you can expect to see it incorporated into plenty of weddings this year. It has been used a lot in spring and summer weddings this year. It has been seen as the entire basis of a color palette but has also been accented with other colors, many have used it as an accent in contrast to various shades of blue or white. It can be used in essentially any aspect of the wedding that you could think of. 

2. Velvet

Velvet has become more and more popular as the rise of texture in weddings has begun. It has been said that adding texture to an event allows guests to feel comfortable and it gives them a complete experience while at the event. It has been incorporated into many aspects of wedding design. Some examples of velvet usage include bridal party outfits, tablecloths, furniture, wraps around bouquets and boutonnieres, etc. 


3. Floral Decor and Installations 

Flowers are being used in more than just bouquets and centerpieces. Couples are choosing them as altar backdrops, creating flower walls for photographs, and having floral installations added to the walls of the venue, and using flowers in essentially every aspect of the event. They add beauty and creativity to the wedding by being extravagant and unexpected. Any type of flower or vine can be used to make the design complete.


4. Unusual Escort Cards

Escort cards are no longer just pieces of paper. They are now being created using a variety of textures and materials. The choice of what to use for these escort cards is usually based on the theme or color scheme of the wedding. 


5. Reception Activities

Receptions are no longer just eating and dancing. Couples are hiring many different types of vendors to add excitement and interactive elements to their reception. Some of these activities include caricaturists, tarot card readings, trivia, various types of lawn games, karaoke, circus stars, face painting, petting zoos, casino tables, and more. 



Anna Wall

Lasell '22

Lasell University Event Management Student, Class of 2022. She loves llamas, event planning, and country music :)
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