Get Ready to Get Your Mind Blown with the Mandala Effect

The Mandela Effect is one of the most interesting topics hitting the world today. It is when we know something as true, but then find out somewhere along the line that what we thought was true was actually incorrect. This include logo names and designs, history, etc. There are many different examples of this that have came up and left society questioning what they have believed their whole life. Here are some examples of this below:

No tail on Curious George

It has been said that Curious George has been remembered with having a tail, when in fact, there is no tail on this monkey at all!


BerenstAin Bears or BerenstEin bears?


This is one of the most popular theories. The popular children’s book series is actually titled “Berenstain Bears,” while many have believed it was the “Berenstein Bears.”


Jif Peanut Butter

Many people recognize this brand as, “Jiffy,” but this is actually just a nickname, as the actual brand is called, “Jif.”


How do you spell Reba’s last name?

Many think that Reba spells her last name, “McIntyre,” but she actually spells it, “McEntire.”

Nelson Mandela’s Death

This is actually where the name “Mandela Effect,” comes from. Many think that his death was occurred when he was in prison in the 80’s, but he actually did not die until 2013.

What do you think, do you believe in the Mandela Effect?  Many people are skeptical, but it's still fun and interesting to see how many people look at these pop culture references differently.