Get Ready to Fangirl: Justin Bieber Releases New Album 'Changes'

As everyone knows by now or at least should know by now is that Justin Bieber released a new album a few weeks ago. Not only did he release a new album, but he also announced a tour to go along with it. Bieber has been a hot topic lately with all these new releases as well as his own youtube original series as well. With all these new things being released by Bieber, everyone is fangirling hard right now.

Here’s a breakdown of the album; There are 17 songs on the album including features by Quavo, Post Malone, Clever, Lil Dicky, Travis Scott, Kehlani, and Summer Walker.

Honestly a power move by him with who he chose to collaborate with because they are such strong artists and they killed their features. The song with Summer Walker is actually a remix to his song called “Yummy” and if I’m being honest, she does make a whole new spin on the track. Bieber also recently released another remix of “Yummy” with Florida Georgia Line, and well I’ll let you all be the judge of Bieber’s country singing. 

Now Personally, the top three songs (in no particular order) of the track are:

“Changes”  which is the song the album is named after but is an inspiring song by Bieber. As well as it’s a very calming song and speaks to you and makes you reflect on yourself and others.

“Get Me” (feat. Kehlani) this song is more upbeat than “Changes”, but it still has that calm vibe as well as spices it up by adding Kehlani. Their voices blend nicely together and make for an amazing track.

“Intentions” (feat. Quavo) is one of the most upbeat songs of the album. It’s also a “feel-good” song and fun when hanging with friends or if you’re just jammin' in the car.