Get Creative During Quarantine with Vision Boards

With quarantine giving me much more time to myself, as well as increased motivation to work on my art, my mom and I took this time to create vision boards together. Vision boards, if you don’t know, are collages of picture representations of your life goals that you can hang in your room or office or practically anywhere you look on a regular basis in order to manifest the life you want. While certain aspects of one’s life are more important than others, I tried to focus on as many things as I could until my vision board was full.

People include lots of things, such as pictures of the places they want to travel, dream jobs, cars, or houses, and even big life events such as graduations or weddings. As someone who likes to write, I also included a few quotes/reminders/mantras to make sure that when I look at my vision board, I don’t get overwhelmed or give up hope, but instead, gain motivation.

Growing up in a home that was very much goal-oriented helped me easily think about the things I’m trying to attain because they’ve always been on my brain. However, I’m not quite as strict about my goal-setting as my parents, so turning it into an art project like this was the perfect way for me to go about setting my goals, and I think it would help others like me too.

I believe very strongly in manifesting your goals into your ideal life. It’s little things like this that go a long way; it’s not just about having the mood board, but sitting down to make it and actually thinking about what you really want in life can open up many doors. Reflection is key.

Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and forget what we’re really working towards. Sometimes, especially in the case of college students, our lives have just begun and we have to figure out what it is we really want. Vision boards are a fun way to sort out our priorities.

But you don’t have to be too picky; who’s to say that what you want won’t change as you grow? Vision boards are simply an organizational tool, there is no wrong way to make or use one. So whether you’re confused about what you want, you have no clue, or you’ve simply forgotten, making a vision board will bring you one step closer to your goals. Happy crafting!