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Galentine’s Day: How This Made-Up Holiday Became Symbolic of Female Friendships

Whoever said Valentine’s Day is all about romance is forgetting about the most important part of the holiday- your favorite Galentines! Galentine’s Day is about love too, and it’s important to celebrate your best gal pals and everything you do to support each other. The ones who are there through the ups and downs, the ones you know you can always call (even about the dumbest little things), and the ones you stay up until 4 am with laughing! This bond deserves to be celebrated, whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between. 

Galentine’s Day is on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. So while you’re planning a big Valentine’s date night, don’t forget to do something special with your closest girlfriends too! Send them a sappy quote about friendship, pick up their favorite candy, or get dressed up and treat each other to a fancy meal. Nothing is too small, just taking the time to appreciate each other and get in some quality time is what’s important.

Galentine’s Day was invented by the character Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) on the popular TV show, Parks and Recreation, in 2010. The message resonated with women in real life and the holiday popularized across the country. “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast style,” Leslie says in the episode. “Ladies celebrating ladies.” Even though the holiday was made-up, people realized we need a day to celebrate, love, thank, and praise women. 

Galentine’s Day is reserved for the closest, most meaningful friendships. At its core, the holiday is about celebrating the people that make your life better, having a positive light everywhere they go, and always believing in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. The ones who hold you when you cry and genuinely care about how your day was when they ask. These are the lifelong friendships worth celebrating on this very special day.

Alexis Grant

Lasell '23

A Junior at Lasell University, Alexis majors in Journalism and Media Writing with a minor in Fashion Media and Marketing. Alexis is interested in dance, photography, social media, travel, and music. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching her favorite tv shows on Netflix and spending time with her friends and family!
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