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Full Frontal Feminism Review

If you’re a full-on feminist, a closet feminist, or simply don’t know what feminism is, but are looking to learn more about it, Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti is the perfect read.   Local feminist author and founder of the blog, Feministing, Valenti uncovers why feminism matters in America.




Looking to break away from the stereotype that all feminists are ‘angry, hairy, man-hating, bra-burning, anti-everything women who yell a lot,’ she goes into detail of the correct terminology and works to promote a more positive outlook on the negative connotation.

First, she explains what the correct definition of feminism is: the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes, assuring everyone that the previous definition is simply a myth.  She goes through issues that women every day face, including sex; pop culture expectations; birth control and the right to choose; dating; the wage gap; and other issues pertaining to the topic.  The best part of this book is that even though it was published in 2007, it is still extremely relatable in issues women are facing today.

The book is witty and has various smart-ass comments from the author, showing her passion for feminism.  Also, the book has established relevant sources addressed throughout the book, giving the author credibility and statistics to support her claim.  Even though the book contains facts and statistics, it is in no way a boring book. Using the facts, Valenti puts her own opinions in throughout the novel and uses all forms of sarcasm and wit to make her point come across.  Valenti shows everyone how super cool and badass it really is to be a feminist, and is a recommended read.



Madison Paloski is a senior at Lasell University studying fashion communication and promotion and graphic design.  She is currently the Editor in Chief of her school's chapter of Her Campus, an editorial stylist for POLISHED Magazine and Founder and Creative Director of the Fashion Styling and Photography Club on her campus.  She can most likely be found with an old film camera in hand, eating Chipotle, or at any local Saver's.  Her Instagram can be found at @maddiiiooyx and other work can be found at madisonpaloski.wixsite.com/portfolio.
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