Before the Flood: A Terrifying Masterpiece

Whether you’re passionate about climate change or still need some convincing, Before the Flood is a must watch. Leonardo DiCaprio’s newly produced documentary is streaming for free on National Geographic now, and it highlights important issues - and possible solutions - surrounding the destruction of our environment. The film is both intriguing and eye-opening but if for no other reason, watch it to see Leo absolutely rock a man bun.

Amazing cinematography of places all over the world, like the Arctic Circle, Indonesia, and China, is accompanied by shocking statistics suggesting the elimination of these places as we know them. You’ll learn that if we don’t take measures now, there will be no sea ice left by the year 2040, that 50 percent of all coral has already been lost in the last 30 years, and that we have known about the problem for decades, but big industry money has caused a majority of politicians to deny climate change even exists.

Perhaps the most important topic touched upon which hasn’t been widely discussed, is palm oil production and its severity on rain forest deforestation. Animals are losing their homes or being killed altogether. Dangerous amounts of carbon are being released into the atmosphere from the incineration of rain forests to harvest a cheap oil used in most processed food and personal care products.

There is hope throughout the film, as it features optimistic individuals and reasonable ways to combat the problem at hand to repair much of the damage done. Go to now to educate yourself on this pressing matter and find out ways you can help.