Finals Got You Down? Check Out These Tips ASAP

Finals week can be a very stressful week for college students- we get it. All of your hard work from this semester is put on the line and your test-taking skills are in the spotlight, forcing you to recall all of the information you have learned in just three months and spewing it out on some lined paper. But, once you are done with the week, you are ready for a great summer full of beach days and ice cream cones. So let’s recall some study habits that will allow you to pass those exams and dive into summer!

1. Note Cards

This is my all-time favorite study habit, and my go-to for every exam. You can put absolutely anything on your note cards, from formulas, to vocab words, etc. They are small enough to take on the go if you have to study while in the car or you are out somewhere, and they allow you to quiz yourself so you are extra prepared. A great app for this is Quizlet. Quizlet allows you to have online notecards, adn gives you activities such as games and practice tests based on the information you put on the cards. I tend to do both hand-written and Quizlet notecards. Hand-writing them helps me memorize them easier, but I like using Quizlet for the practice tests and games.

2. Start Studying Early

Do not start studying the night before a final. There is way too much information for one to retain in one night. Start studying at least a week before the exam, giving yourself a chance to use all of your resources and fully understand the material so you can ace your exam.

3. Take Breaks When Studying

Spending hours at a time staring at a textbook will not help you retain anything. Study in intervals, and when it is time for a break, grab a snack, go for a walk, or treat yourself to a little Netflix. It will make studying so much easier.

4. Turn Off Your Phone When Studying

This will allow for little distractions when you are trying to focus. If you have to leave your phone on, try to put it on do not disturb and log off of social media accounts.

5. Ask For Help

Do not be afraid to ask your professors for help, that is what they are here for. Stop by during office hours and ask some questions you may have. Another idea would be getting a group of fellow students together and having a study session. I know at Lasell, there are many study rooms throughout campus where students can meet for study sessions. This allows for students to help each other out if they have missed a class or are very confused on a section.

I hope you utilize some of these tips and tricks to do swimmingly on your finals and get you ready for summer break!