Fashion Forecasting: Predicted Trends of 2019


    As a fashion major, most of my homework doesn't’ even feel like homework, because it is just me scrolling through Vogue Runway and looking at all the pieces from the latest fashion shows. September is an exciting time in the fashion industry, as the biggest fashion houses host shows displaying their ready to wear collections for the upcoming season. As I have been looking through the shows, I’ve seen a couple of patterns that I believe are going to be big trends during the next year!


  1. Pastel Colors

In many collections this season, pastel washes of color have made an appearance! Although these are the spring shows, we always see these trends starting during the fall. Look for more pastel pieces to start adding to your wardrobe now - you’ll be ahead of the trends!


  1. Tie-Dye

If you thought that tie-dye was just for summer camp activities, you thought wrong! On the runways, many pieces have shown a tie dyed, almost homemade, look to them. If you want to jump on the trends, buy a few solid color staple pieces and dye them in your backyard!


  1. Embellishments

Embellishments and added adornments are huge on the runways this season. These additions help make pieces look more original and fun. With an embellished jacket, top, or coat, your outfit will have an added flair and more personality. Since these are big this season, definitely start looking for embellished pieces!


  1. Pattern Mixing

A really big trend recently is pattern mixing, where you have two patterns that normally wouldn’t go together, and make them work. In these two shows, pattern mixing was huge, and the looks went well together. In the first picture, stripes and the bandana print work well together because they are both red, making both prints pop out! In the second, three animal prints are mixed to make a really unique and interesting look. If you want to pattern mix, a good starting out option is to mix stripes with polka dots, of the same colors, to make them cohesive. Pattern mixing is tricky, but with the right pieces, you can make it look really cool!


  1. Bold prints

These prints showcase the trends of color, a little bit of pattern mixing, and the overall boldness the runway shows have portrayed for the upcoming seasons. Make a print the highlight of your outfit with something a little obscure, abstract, and full of life, and you’ll be right on trend!


Fashion Weeks are the most exciting time of the year for people interested in fashion. From looking at runway shows, it is easy to predict the colors, styles, and pieces that will be trendy in the upcoming months. Also, it will get you a head start on your shopping! If you want to see more shows and everything else runway related, check out, where all these pictures were pulled from!