Fabulous Fellas: Alex Balletto

It is easy to recognize sophomore Law and Public Affairs student Alex Balletto when he is everywhere on campus. Along with being a friendly face, he is also extremely involved.

Balletto, who is from East Hampton, CT, is the Vice President for Academic Affairs on Student Government Association, sitting on associated committees, and the Copy Editor of The 1851 Chronicle. He also is Head of Curriculum on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and can be found in Admissions as a tour guide, managing PR for Sodexo and in the Development office, working with government and community relations with the school. Balletto was very involved in at his high school and wanted to continue that in college.

“I think that the best environment for me is one where I know a lot of people,” said Balletto.  “The only way to do that is to get involved.”  As Head of Curriculum on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Balletto is passionate about helping others and making sure everyone feels included.

“I am definitely a feminist,” Balletto stated. “If I ever had to head a project at Lasell, my first step would be to gather a committee. I would ensure there are males and females on that committee, as well as a mixture of other social groups. Technically, if the committee were to be split up by men and women, and be representative of Lasell, there should be more females anyway because of the ratio of students at Lasell.”

After graduation Balletto hopes to become a political-communications strategist and his ultimate end goal is to be “immersed in a community that is full of people who are knowledgeable and interesting.” Although he has a busy schedule, Balletto is confident his hard work will pay off in the future.  


*Photo provided by Alex Balletto