Essentials for Your Record Collection

I finally got my Audio-Technica LP60 record player (given to me by my best friend) up and running, and after a year of searching I found the perfect speakers. I chose the Edifier R98OT, which are fantastic and super loud! Now I am steadily building my record collection. By means of record shops, Ebay sales, and gifts, I’ve found a few essential records that I think everyone should have, or at least a few types of records to be on the lookout for.


A Nat King Cole and/or Frank Sinatra Record

Again, from my last article you can probably tell I’m big fans of these guys and it's true- they’re quintessential voices and some people were just meant to be heard on vinyl. Specifically, I snagged Nat King Cole’s Love is The Thing from a local record store and it is absolutely incredible, and I’m currently in a bidding war on Ebay for a copy of Sinatra’s Sinatra- complete with tracks like Witchcraft and I’ve Got You Under My Skin.


A Christmas Record

Just like some people’s voices were meant to be heard on vinyl, some types of music are meant to be played through a record player, and Christmas music is one of them. Nat King Cole, in addition to having an incredible voice as is, also lends himself very well to Christmas music. There are several record compilations that include his rendition of “The Christmas Song”.


A Nostalgic Record

For me, it’s James Taylor and Don McLean, but you may have other musical choices that your parents played on road trips when you were a kids that bring you right back to those memories. Being able to listen to that music in the form your parents listened to it when they were your age adds to the nostalgia and will only enhance your record collection.


A Classic Rock Album

Going along with my above statement about listening to music the way it was originally meant to be listened to, you’ve gotta have some classic rock and roll in your collection; among my selections are Hotel California by The Eagles and Sheer Heart Attack by Queen.


A Current Album

One of my all time favorite bands and albums ever, their sophomore album Cleopatra is a masterpiece that sounds like it was meant to be produced on vinyl, and there are few things more magical than hearing Sleep on The Floor blasting from my record speakers.