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Emelia on the Brain: Self-Care Ideas Beyond Taking a Bath

Welcome to the first installment of Emelia on the Brain, where Emelia talks about topics in mental health that we all should be talking about. 

Self-care is a topic that has gained a lot of popularity and emphasis in the past couple of years (as it should). Self-care is extremely important and should be practiced by everyone, especially in this day and age. 

When people talk self-care, most just think that all it is is taking a bubble bath or lighting a candle. 

There are many other ideas for self-care that serve its name and image justice. 


Here is a list of self-care ideas that are more than taking a bath or lighting a candle:


  1. Become comfortable with saying no and making your self-care a priority
  2. Get 8 or more hours of sleep every night

  3. Put together an exercise routine and stick to it

  4. Cook your favorite meal or bake your favorite treat

  5. Order take out from your favorite restaurant (if cooking/baking does not suit your fancy!)

  6. Meditate (Visit Meditative Mind on Youtube for a massive selection of meditation music.)

  7. Clean. (Despite, sounding like the opposite of self-care cleaning a bedroom or bathroom can be super relaxing. When you are done, you will feel so accomplished and have a nicely cleaned room.)

  8. Listen to music (Creating playlists is therapeutic)

  9. Read a good book

  10. Cuddle up under blankets and watch your favorite tv or movie

  11. Go for a drive

  12.  Color

  13.  Consume positive news.

  14.  Use positive affirmations

  15.  Start a journal to document and release your thoughts and emotions. 

Create a self-care plan that works for you and make time for it wherever it fits into your schedule.

Emelia Mulligan is a freshman at Lasell University studying Criminal Justice and playing field hockey. When she's not studying or practicing, she is either online shopping, watching reality tv, or listening to r&b. She has a passion for mental health awareness and is pursuing addiction recovery for a future career. Find her on social media linked below.
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