Emalee's September Favorites: All Your Must Haves this Month

Welcome to the monthly segment of your dreams! Each month we’ll be listing the ultimate beauty, lifestyle, and fashion favorites. There are so many hot products and new releases, who can keep track? So, introducing Emalee’s September Favorites, your hub to find the latest and greatest on what products the team has been loving lately. 

    My first monthly favorite is Loft purple cat-eye sunglasses. I bought them at the end of the summer, but they are great for any season. They are a classic cat-eye style and they have a few different colors on their website if purple is not your favorite color like mine. I love accessorizing with different sunglasses that go with my outfit. They are an easy way to add to your outfit and these ones are pretty inexpensive. 

My next favorite has been the Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrubbing Gel Strip. If you have read some of my articles you can tell I love skincare. I love taking care of my skin and am always trying new products. I recently picked up a couple of these gel strips. What I like most about them is that it does not hurt when you peel them off because you scrub it off. Most pore strips you peel off and they end up sticking so much that they hurt, but not these ones. The couple that I have used have been pretty effective as well. 



 During the summer I enjoy reading some “ beach reads” as they call them. This summer I read a few of James Patterson’s books. The last one that I read was Honeymoon by James Patterson. If you like his romance books or his murder mystery books I would recommend because it was a mix of the book! It was definitely one I could not put down because I kept wanting to know what happened next. I recently found a website called Thrift Books. I linked the book from there because I know we are broke college kids and every little bit of savings helps! You can even pick how much you want to spend on there and the quality of the used book. 



Another beauty favorite has been the Que Bella Face Masks. They are quite inexpensive at Target and they have many different kinds. They have mud masks, sheet masks, peel-off mask, and wash off in the shower ones. My personal favorite one is the blueberry peel-off mask. 

     Another favorite accessory has been statement earrings, I found these really cute  Forever 21 heart-shaped earrings and star earrings. They are sets that come with different sizes for how bold you are feeling that day. I love jewelry and statement earrings are a great way to spice up an outfit.  

 My last favorite has been the NYX On The Rise Volume Liftscara. I love a good volumizing mascara and NYX’s newest mascara is great for that! It comes in a cute pink bottle and is a thick brush. 


Stay tuned for next month’s favorites! Hope these give you some ideas for new products this month.