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 In times of a pandemic, more and more opportunities for single-use plastic or other wasteful products are arising. Take out only for restaurants, no reusable cups at coffee shops, and the added waste of single-use surgical masks are adding to the already excessive waste and pollution problem, negatively impacting our environment. 

During times like this, the best way to combat these problems is to rely on environmentally friendly products as soon as possible, and what better way than by finding the best reusable products to store in your dorm. I’ve collected a list of my favorite eco-friendly products for the dorm that I’m sure you’ll love too!


1.)          Reusable Dinnerware

With lots of places switching to take-out only, including our own dining hall, we’re bound to use more plastic cutlery and serving dishes than we normally would. Next time you’re at Valentine or you’re taking out from a local restaurant, skip the cutlery and napkin combo and opt for a reusable option. 

This travel cutlery set found on amazon includes a fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, two straws, a brush to clean them, and a convenient bag to make it easy to take on the go. Or, if you’re cooking at home, replace the paper plates or bowls with Target’s Room Essentials™ dinnerware in your favorite color.


2.)          Make-up Removing Cloths

Anyone who wears makeup knows that used makeup wipes can pile up pretty quickly, ranging from one a day taking off your daily look to a whole bunch of them after you get totally inspired after watching Euphoria. Take away the post guilt of wiping away your makeup by choosing to go with some reusable cloths. 


This pack of three make-up removing cloths from The Vintage Cosmetic Company just need water to do their magic and have a longer fibered side to exfoliate with for a two in one bonus. Simply throw the cloths in with your laundry to return them back to their original state and they’re good to go for you to use over and over again.


3.)          Dryer Balls

Most dryer sheets include synthetic material, such as polyester, which cannot be broken down when thrown away after every dryer cycle. An easy way to combat this problem is by using dryer balls. Dryer balls, typically made of reusable plastic or wool, take on the role of dryer sheets by softening the clothes of the load they’re thrown in with, with nowhere near as much waste. 

My favorite dryer balls are these absolutely adorable plastic hedgehogs. They work just as well as dryer sheets and are arguably much cuter. However, wool dryer balls work just as well, and you have the opportunity to add drops of essential oils to the originally unscented wool to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Kyra is a senior at Lasell University and is an elementary education major. She loves to hike, bake, and work with her students at daycare.
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