Easy Hair Hacks For Those Heatless Curls You Have Always Lusted Over on Pinterest

Want those effortless looking curls or waves, but do not want to damage your hair with heat? Here are five easy hacks on how to get them!

The first hair hack is putting your hair in braids overnight when your hair is damp. I typically do two braids, one on each side. However, if you want looser waves, you could do one side braid. If you want tighter curlers you could do more braids, like four. I typically also add the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to add more wave.

Got a workout headband? That’s all you need for this next hack. An easy twisted ‘do into light and bouncy curls. This is also an easy one to sleep overnight with.



The next strategy is just twisting small amount of your hair on top of your head and securing it with a small elastic. Again, works best when your hair is damp. This one works great with short hair. It creates soft tight curls in no time.




Another twisting method is using the same technique as the workout headband, take each section and twist it before wrapping it around the headband. It’ll give you a whole different look that is just as quick to do.


Last method, if you want Retro Waves, use sponge curls. Sponge curlers are soft enough to sleep on and will also create retro glamorous waves that will hold the whole day. Begin at the crown of your head, starting with the hair down the middle of your head for the easiest strategy. You can find a set for about $10 on Amazon.

Hope these fun and easy tips help make the perfect curls that you desire for a day at school, the office, or a fun night out!