The Down Side to Lasell's Fashion Shows

I am not going to Lasell’s annual fashion shows. I have friends who are designers, friends who are models, and friends who are producing the show, so I should be there to support them. Does this make me a bad friend? Maybe. But luckily they understand that it’s hardly a choice for me to, or to not, attend. They understand that the show, which costs $25 for students, is just too much to pay. I would love to go to both the undergraduate and senior fashion shows, not only to support my peers but because I am a fashion major and I’m interested in being there. However, it’s not in my college budget to do one, never mind both. Technically, yes, I have more than $25 in my bank account right now, but I’m not going to spend that much to go to an event hosted by a program which I already pay for.

I completely understand that the show costs a specific amount to produce and they need to sell tickets in order to make that money back, but it’s asking too much from students. Parents and relatives, who will go to see their kids no matter what, are inevitably going to pay this price, and they can probably afford it, or don’t mind as they know it’s going to support their loved one’s education. I’m not saying that students shouldn’t have to pay at all, but I am suggesting that the price be lowered. We should have the privilege as students of Lasell to be able to afford to pay- and want to pay- to see the fashion shows. $5.00 tickets would encourage so many more students to attend the event and probably even out in revenue compared to the few students who do pay to get in. Additionally, less students would sneak into the show, which happens frequently, and really isn’t fair for anybody. If the show costs so much that $5.00 is an impossible price point, maybe the fashion department should look at more cost effective methods. Students shouldn’t be held back by money and should all have the opportunity to experience the successes of our school and the accomplishments by our students.