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Does Melania Trump have a Body Double?

Last week, the internet went wild over accusation that President Trump had a stand in for his wife, Melania Trump, while he addressed reporters on the White House lawn. While it seems like it was just another conspiracy there are a few things that still seem off about the whole situation.

Upon first glance, the woman standing next to the president appears to be the first lady. However, when the camera zooms in, there are some details in her face that make a huge population of the internet think otherwise. First of all, this woman’s features appear to be wider than First Lady Trump’s.

Her hair doesn’t look right either. I don’t think she would ever leave the house without her hair perfectly done. The part is weird as well: it starts off like a center part but a few inches in it turns into a big old mess. Also, her hair looks drier and frizzier than normal, perhaps it’s a wig? This administration does know a thing or two about wigs.

Another thing that threw off the internet is when President Trump speaks about “[his] wife Melania” as if she isn’t standing right next to him.

While this conspiracy is fun, it appeared that once the First Lady took off her glasses it looked more like Trump and not a stand-in. However, that still doesn’t explain all the other weird behavior. Maybe it was only a temporary switch? That would explain why she looked off at first, but looked more like herself towards the end of the clip. Is this enough information to prove whether or not the woman was the real First Lady? Since we’ll probably never know the real answer, it’s up to you to decide.


Raegan Cleary is a senior at Lasell College studying Fashion Communication and Promotion. She likes French Bulldogs and long walks to Chipotle. In addition to Her Campus shes been doing theatre for eight years and this spring she'll be in her fourth production of Vagina Monologues. In the future she'd love to become the next Miranda Priestly or the frontwoman in a girl-punk band.
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