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A Definitive Ranking of the High School Musical Movies, Based on Bart Johnson’s Performance

Sure Troy Bolton may be the lead in High School Musical but we all know Coach Jack Bolton was the real star of the HSM franchise. However, here at Her Campus Lasell we ask the tough questions, “what film had Bart Johnson’s best performance of Coach Bolton?” Luckily for you, we did all the hard work and endless research to create a definitive ranking of the movies based on Johnson’s performance.

     3. High School Musical 2:

*Image from zimbio.com

Unfortunately this movie takes place during the summer and not basketball season. While we still get the occasional moment with Coach Bolton, it’s not nearly as much screen time as Johnson deserves.


2. High School Musical 3:

*Image from hotflick.net

The final movie in the series is just barely above the sequel. This one starts off at the end of basketball season, so Johnson is still shorted on screen time. However none of that matters since Coach Bolton delivers *the* most motivational speech to his team halfway through the last game of the season (aka the last game EVER for senior Wildcats like Troy and Chad). Although I wish I knew more, I can’t help but think about what Coach Bolton is doing now.

And finally! Drumroll please…..

1. High School Musical:

*Image from high-school-musical.wikia.com

The movie that started it all.  As scary as it is to think about, without High School Musical, there wouldn’t be a Coach Bolton. The moment I saw this film I knew Johnson had a bright future ahead of him. Here he delivered iconic lines “what the heck are those two doing in a  tree?” We also see his INCREDIBLE character development. Coach Bolton goes from close-minded basketball coach to supportive father. There is no other actor in the world who could portray Coach Bolton like Johnson did.


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