Cruelty-Free Drugstore Makeup Faves: Eyes and Lips

 I remember when it seemed impossible to buy cruelty-free products at the drugstore, now there are endless options. With back to school here, it’s time to pick up some new makeup for your stockpile. All these products are lazy girl approved and give the most pack for the small budget. You can slap all these products in a matter of minutes and have a flawless face. If there has been any time to switch over to cruelty-free brands, it’s now. Make sure to check out the first part of this article for your essential cheek and face products. 


NYX Soft  Matte Liquid Lipsticks- $6.50


These liquid lipsticks aren’t fully matte but they are still super flawless on the tips. Unlike a lot of liquid lipsticks, they do not define fine lines. The color also fades nicely when eating or drinking, so there isn’t one ring of lipstick. This is our go-to formula to wear all day without having a mess. 


Milani Color Statement Lipsticks- $5.99


This lipstick is something that is supernatural. They have so many lipstick colors to choose from and don’t flake off your lips or fade quickly. You can even use the color on your cheek because they blend out evenly. There is alittle bleeding with dark colors as expected, so make sure to use a lip liner.


Elf Lip Lacquer- $3.00


This is one of the best cheap lipgloss from the drugstore that you know is cruelty-free make sure to check out the ELF lip lacquer. It performs like any generic lipgloss and it’s best not to spend a bunch of money on a lipgloss when most of the formulas are similar.


NYX Suede Matte Lipliner- $4.00


As someone who deals with a lot of product bleeding, this is essential. These are great for the price and they glide on well for beings a stick formula. These lip liners have so much product in them and they seem to last forever. Plus they also last all day long, so no need to worry about reapplying it.


Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara- $2.99


This product is advertised for lashes and brows. It can be used to create a nice long eyelash effect. But this is the preferred product for natural-looking eyebrows. You just need to swipe that in your brows and it stays in place all day. You can also use this with other brow products without causing it to smudge.


Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Micro Brow Pencil- $4.49


This is the only brow product you need. Unlike a lot of brow products, it does not leave huge lines and create a very natural brow look. One side is the brow stick and the other side is a spoolie, so the consumer can quickly brush out the brow product. 


Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect- 4.99


Essence has so many massacres but this one is one of the highest-reviewed products. This gives a beautiful, full, and uplifted look to the lash no matter how long and thick your lashes are. Just like the title suggests it is a full false lash effect for everyday or special occasions. 


Wet N Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner- $3.99


This eyeliner gives a nice dark black look without it looking wet after it dried. It also removes very easily. There is nothing wrong with the product, just keep in mind that it isn’t waterproof. 


Wet N Wild Color Icon Kohl Liner Pencil- $1.19


As someone who has always struggled to make kohl pencil last, this is the only liner I use. You can use this in your waterline without worrying about it smudging away in a matter of minutes. With the price of $1.19  you can buy them all in every color imaginable. 


ELF Bite-Size Eyeshadow Palettes- $3.00


Everyone online has been raving about this product and for a good reason. ELF has always had a formula for eyeshadow, but this is one of their best palette formulas. These are small palettes of 4 eyeshadows, so you may need to buy a couple. But each of the palettes has a beautiful color story for a limited selection.


Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette- $8.00


If you could only buy one palette on a budget I would suggest these. They have numerous color schemes and each palette has 5 colors. The mattes have a very bold pigment and the shimmer shades are bold on the eyelids. They all blend out very well and create such beautiful looks. These palettes are a must-have for such a great price.