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Conspiracy Theories: A Shane Dawson Story Part 2

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Shane Dawson newest YouTube video “Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson”

Welcome back to Sara questioning everything. This video was chaotic not gonna lie.

The man the myth the legend starts the episode off (like the real start) with basically clips of him trying everything.

It really looked like the man is being chased by the illuminati. Although, in short, he tries all of theories that he can touch.

He’s introduction for the first part of the video as a person talking at 4:30am to a camera about not being able to sleep. Following, with them talking about Chuck E Cheese, with shorter clips flashing on the screen.

So, let the Spooping Begin.

As usual, the king is running around in a robe.

He starts talking about a friend of his named Brittani, whom he has know from what seems like the start of his youtube life. In which he talked about how they became disconnected when she was involved with a guy who she got engaged with. Then, she became a family/mommy blogger, but suddenly went missing, when he reached out she said that she couldn’t talk about it because the FBI told her not to but wanted to.

Only for her, for one day, say “they are listening”.

Sitting there at this point like:

Shane says then that she was coming over, but it was going to be the first time seeing her since five years ago when she packed up and moved away because of a guy.

Suddenly, we jump into a montage of voice alteration videos that was an Adobe program (which wasn’t launched to the public), leading to of course Shane messing with a version of it with an app that used similar tech as Adobe had (the name was Lyrebird).

Cue a voice recording montage and creepy music with a Chuck E Cheese. Leading to Shane’s Cheesey side theory that Chuck E Cheese reserves pizza that people didn’t finish to new customers.

Bring us to the pizza graph of the sizes of slices in the pies:

So he looked it up and saw that other people saw it too. Leading to the real questions.

Back to the reunion.

After reuniting and seeing his old friend and scaring the cat.

We jump to voice recording clips.

Then Back to Chuck E Cheese research. Looking up reviews it talks about the old way of cooking the pizza where the pizza was repurposed for a new pizza and then reheated.

Then another jump. SHANE, GIVE A GIRL A BREAK.

Back to the audios and the basic realisation that he would never have to record audio book with the AI.

When the app finished “training his voice”, he had to type in a sentence, which he chose the most Shane like options. Only to notice that he needed to slow down the audio more. 

THEN, another jump to a pizza analysis of how to cut a pizza on a smart TV.



Leading to the whole idea of a field trip to Chuck E Cheese.

Time jump to first friends mystery case.

We learn that she lives in a very secure lifestyle that required a court case and that her family knows how to defend themselves; to the point where her son can never have a passport.

Time jump to voice audio of Shame recording again with clips of him going to interview his friend.

This is time where he worries about his safety with the “husband” of his friend and he finally nails the recordings on the video duplicator.


Transition skip again!!!!

Back to his friend. They were talking about the guy that she met through the Tinder app. She talked about the guy that she matched with was clingy basically off the bat before knowing him and flaunted his money. Although, he ended up “losing it all” after a few months in of dating. All of it seems fake.

Transition again to pizza and the field trip to Chuck E Cheese idea BUT not before we go back to Brittani.


Basically, with her it was showing the court evidence of this man who wanted to manipulate her and be with her. Even though it was emotionally an abusive relationship. Along with him having a goal to make her pregnant to make her stay with him.

And then we have yet again another cliffhanger to transition to the voice duplicator. Where he wants to show Ryland the progress he has made. Only to ask him to guess who was talking only to get this:



This is where they make a plan to call Ryland’s sister to see how accurate it really is.


This time on the Chuck E Cheese ride there’s talk about the past lawsuits that, the place for kids, was really a mini gambling ring.

Then we transition to Brittani then back to the voice recreation, where they called Ryland’s sister to see if she would pick up on it. At the start she believed it, but after a while she noticed something was off. Although she did admit that if she was on a phone call she wouldn’t have known at all.


Chuck E Cheese field trip!

But not before we have a few transitions of flipping between the story of how Brittani had sold her house because she was going to buy an eight million dollar house, but the money for it was “magically” gone, was in a huge amount of debt, and was not in a good spot emotionally. Then, it flips back to the voice reconstruction app, with the idea of using a girls voice.

Then we get to Chuck E Cheese. (why is he skipping around so much like)

This is where the questions start: can they even get in without a kid or are they able to go inside with a camera.

Then, we have more jumps from talking about Brittani’s birth of her child and the problems that she had with the mother of the man she was dating at the time. Then, jumps to the voice simulation, were they have Rylands sister talk as the reconstruction and they literally jump. Like Shane is always spooked, but this man was SPOOKED. She sounded exactly like the reconstruction.

Now back to Chucky. As they enter they see a sign with “Your Pizza Made Fresh” is on bold, naturally you have to clown the sign.

Naturally, as well, we do a quick flip to the voice reconstruction video, where they plan out having Rylands sister calling her mother using the simulation. 

Another time swap again with being at Chucky’s sitting down and looking round seeing the hint’s around to going back to Brittani. About the mother of her (now ex) boyfriend on how she claimed her son as her own and attempted to create the perfect son.

Back to Chuck E Cheese. They are sitting waiting for their pizza and noticing that literally everywhere had signs about how fresh their pizza is and how similar the games look to a gambling game. Shane at this point is like:

Then we jump back to Brittani, who was talking about how the man that she was went onto another phase. He was claiming to have cancer, but he also didn’t have any of the signs of the treatments. This was only after he had asked her for every single identification she had on her and her son. Only to find out he was faking it.

Then, we go back to Chucky again. The pizza is served and literally in the first frame of the second you can see the pizza is disorientated.

Then, we move on to the whole gambling part where it costs literally 200 for a candy piece, which is nothing next to what the “big” prizes are. Bring us to how the games work and function and even seem to be rigged. When you play it brings you so close to the grand prize, but it also never hits it.

There is also a new fact that was brought to life, there are many outbreaks in fights at establishments, but it also seems like it’s because there is alcohol served to the adults.

On top of that, there are also clips of the filth in the ball-pits and play structures.

Cue Shane freaking out about the pizza.


Brittani talks more about the things that she had learned about the man she was with. Here, she talks about how he claimed to be in the mafia of a kind, but also never really did anything, but like at the same time he knew what to do. It’s twisted.



Brittani talks about wanting to leave, but in result he threatens her and her family for wanting to leave. Along with how he wanted at some point photos that were non smiling and cropped up, like a passport photo when taking family photoshoot. Leading to when her own birth certificate was missing and taken without her knowing.


Back to the voice simulation. Ryland’s sister calls their mother using the voice simulation to see if she can tell the difference. At the start of the call her mother literally did not notice.

Then she starts to notice that something was up with her voice. So she hung up on her and called Ryland, but he also did the same thing. She was able to tell that it wasn’t him.


Back to Brittani. She reaches out to a girl that was trying to warn her that the man was not a doctor either, but instead a poor kid from Serbia that was looking for money. He claimed to do a lot of things such as music composition and tennis, but none of them were true.

Then, there was weird relationship question with his “mother” as well, as well as the suspicion that he was going to be taken to Russia or worse.


They are in Chuck E Cheese and they try something. Shane puts a half of pizza on another table to see what happens. When they leave it a staff looks at the pizza and walks away. Then, the staff goes to cleanup the area, but doesn’t take the pizza.


Brittani talks about how the man had already found another victim and that he got married to her. Therefore, she wrote it in her book because she wanted to others to see that she was a victim too.


They try to make Ryland’s voice simulation closer to what it is, but the results are kind of just

Then there’s some jumps from talking about the break of character from Brittani’s ex to Shane asking a staff about what was going on with the pizza at Chuck E Cheese (where she was dodging the questions as much as they can).

We get a montage of videos from everything we covered including Shane being a ruler with a pizza.

Then we go to Brittani, reflection on an old video to see when the mask of the ex was dropped in Shane’s eyes.

Leading to another video montage. To end at which Shane used a ruler to measure pizza. Because why not.

Resulting of Shane throwing a pizza away.

*All photos are screengrabs from Shane’s newest video, “Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson”

Sara Nahoun is the Social Media Director for HerCampus Lasell Chapter. She's a Fashion Design and Production Major with Minors in Photography and Graphic Design at Lasell University. Often she is found in the sewing lab or in her room taking a nap. She also spends her past time collecting reaction photos and memes off of social media to pass time.