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The Concert Survival Guide

While concerts are something that can be enjoyed all year round, typically they happen more in the warmer weather. Spring is finally here, which means outdoor venues have started to open up and festival season is already in full swing. Before you head to your next gig, check out our advice so all you have to worry about is where you’re gonna binge on fast food after.


  1. DRESS COMFORTABLY: I put this in all caps because I cannot stress it enough. During a concert, there is a lot of standing and as much as it sucks not being able to see sometimes, do not wear heels unless you 100 percent know they are comfortable and you can walk/jump/dance in them. Also don’t wear anything too fussy or restricting. Sure, your new wrap-around top is cute, but you don’t want to be worrying about it when you should be rocking out. If this is a high-energy type of show, I also recommend sticking with shorts or pants. However, comfortable skirts are totally fine at chill shows if you know you won’t be jumping or dancing.

  2. Make Sure You Eat and Drink Plenty of Water: I  know a lot of people who don’t like eating or drinking before a show because they are afraid they’ll get sick, or have to use the bathroom and miss something. But trust me when I say it’s a lot worse when you pass out from hunger or dehydration. Before you head to the venue, grab a bite to eat, even if it’s something simple like a bagel and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.

  3. Use the Bathroom: Like I mentioned earlier, a surprising amount of people don’t like using the bathroom because they don’t want to lose their spot or they don’t want to miss anything. Use the bathroom as soon as you get to the venue and if you must, go between acts, but don’t be afraid to leave if you really have to go mid-set. It’s a lot more uncomfortable holding it in for hours than it is trying to squish past people to get back to your spot.

  4. Be a Polite Audience: Getting to the front at a standing-room-only show, especially for an artist you love, is great. What isn’t great is if you push people out of their spots to get there. Also I know it’s hard to give people personal space at SRO shows, but do not use their bodies as an armrest. If you’re a tall person standing in front of a short person and can move so they can see, do it. Do not be so intoxicated that you cause a scene and definitely do not harass the performers.

  5. Have a Designated Meeting Spot: It’s very easy to get separated at concerts. Sometimes phones die or your friend is holding it for you. Maybe you’re at a festival and seeing different sets. Having a predesignated meeting space takes the worry out of finding your squad.

  6. Have fun: Most importantly, have fun!  Concerts are the place where you should cut loose, and step away from your hectic life. Sometimes even the processes of getting to a concert can be stressful.  Check all your drama at the door and you’re gonna enjoy the show a lot more than if you brought that energy in with you.

Raegan Cleary is a senior at Lasell College studying Fashion Communication and Promotion. She likes French Bulldogs and long walks to Chipotle. In addition to Her Campus shes been doing theatre for eight years and this spring she'll be in her fourth production of Vagina Monologues. In the future she'd love to become the next Miranda Priestly or the frontwoman in a girl-punk band.
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