Classes To Take At Lasell: Hospitality Management


Whether you are a hospitality major or not, HEM 101: Hospitality Management taught by Professor Mobar is a great class to add to your schedule.  Having basic knowledge about the hospitality industry is really beneficial because customer service can be found throughout a majority of majors here at Lasell.  The most important piece of information taken from this class was that the hospitality industry does not only revolve around hotels.  

It is made up of much more than that including; special events of all types, management roles, and of course customer service.  If that is not convincing enough, the Professor is an added bonus to the course material and knowledge that one can gain.  Professor Mobar never fails to make each class engaging and entertaining at the same time.

For example, during the very first class Professor Mobar walked in and declared that the class would not have to worry about raising their hands because he was going to call on everyone anyway.  While this may have seemed intimidating at first, it built a strong connection between students because they had to rely on each other to critically think about the answer.  Now combine that with some entertaining and slightly funny class exercises and that makes for a class definitely worth taking.  

During one class period the class was discussing the daily operations maid’s face in hotels.  Professor Mobar then proceeded to flip desks over by laying them at odd angles, litter the classroom floor with paper, and tip the trash can over.  Next he pointed to a student and said that she had two minutes to clean and rearrange the classroom.  The point of this exercise was to teach the class that their is a lot more that goes into the cleaning service at a hotel.  Many maids have to re-stock and rearrange a room in addition to cleaning it, all in a strict set of minutes because they also have several other rooms to complete.  

It is impossible to sit in HEM 101: Hospitality Management with Professor Mobar and doze off for an hour.  He makes sure that every student leaves class with a new piece of knowledge or a new perspective on life.  Don’t be afraid to branch out and try courses that are not necessarily needed for a specific major, because their is always something new to learn and new connections to make.